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The Gold Standard for Irons Work

Conventional Forcible Entry Prop


From the beginning, we wanted to build a training prop that not only allowed for repetitive training, but did so with style.  A full sized forcible entry simulator, the Brass Eagle Forcible Entry Prop, allows users to hone their skills and work as a team in real time evolutions without any of the make believe.  If you can dish it out, the door can take it.  If you lack technique, it will tell you.  If you bring your A game, it will reward you. 


The full size form factor has set our prop apart from the beginning.  When you are able to run live evolutions, with hose work and door operations, seamlessly it steps up your game for those first critical minutes of an incident.  Even if forcible entry isn't the goal of the evolution the prop provides a target and will allow crews to integrate skills into evolutions.


One of our core beliefs is that simplicity breeds a clarity of purpose.  There are many great props on the market.  Many of those do a great deal of other things than the Brass Eagle prop.  Our experience has led us to the understanding, that building quality props is much like building a fire's a game of compromise.  The more things you want the more you have to compromise from the original purpose.

Unlike building an Engine we don't HAVE to compromise.  The only reason would be to increase the marketability of the prop on a brochure.  Adding widgets can be seen as adding value.  We argue that for training props, focused purpose allows for the greatest chance at a realistic experience for the student, and the student is why we're here!

Current Pricing:  $9,000 + Applicable Tax and Shipping

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