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Brass Eagle Fabrication

Building with a purpose

Meeting the need

When Ryan Cox started Brass Eagle Fabrication in 2010, it was out of a desire to meet a need.  At that time the options for training simulator props were fairly limited.  Since then, what started out as a hobby has grown into a staple at fire stations, training centers and drill grounds throughout the country.

As the business grew, so did Ryan's family. In 2014 the original fabricator in the family, and Ryan's father, signed on.  Since that time Greg has built and delivered well over a hundred props and various other projects.  Delivering the props to waiting crews is one of his favorite parts of the job. He inevitably remarks about how friendly members of the fire service are.

As the fire service evolves, so does our desire to meet the ever changing needs, while still providing for fundamental training opportunities with quality props.

Our Brand

Pride in a name


This is our brand.  You will see this cut out, welded or otherwise emblazoned on our work.  It's a sign of pride for us and confidence for you.  We stand behind what we build. 


Heirloom Quality

Craftsmanship coupled with durable materials

Heirloom Quality is a term often referred to in home furniture.  The hallmark of this tier is craftsmanship coupled with durable materials.  We couldn't think of a better term to use for our products.  There is often cheaper ways to do things, but if you have read this far, that probably doesn't appeal to you either.  Our desire is to produce items that are unique, clean, functional and durable.  Providing this level usually means they are done by hand, piece by piece.  

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